Dongguan UCC Yuhui Jin Center

Dongguan UCC Yuhui Jin Center

Product Details

1, project name: UCC Yuhuijin Center

2, area: Dongguan Nancheng CBD

3, delivery time: current room

4, decoration degree: rough, simple (optional), hardcover (optional)

5, area segment: 80-2000 square

6, sales price: 17,000-25,000 yuan / squared, the average price of 20,000 yuan / squared

7, management fee: 12 yuan / squared

CBD Headquarters Cluster - Approximately 750,000 Square Cluster Business!

UCC Tip Business No. 8 Platinum Office Acrylic! !

Area of about 80-1700 m2, headquarters base in the sale of first-line Dongguan Avenue office building unlimited purchase!

Project Name: UCC Yuhui jin Center

Developer: Confederate Investment

Region: CBD Headquarters Cluster

Project Address: Dongguan Avenue, Metro R2 Line Clam Station

Total footprint: 90,000m2

Total floor area: 750,000m2

Product planning: about 350,000 m2 platinum grade office building;  About 120,000 m2-day LOFT-SOHO; about 50,000m2 international flagship commercial

Number of buildings: 9 Sky Tower

Property Company: Sepang Weyres

Over 3700 parking spaces

Kaizun Building, Office Building 8, Introduction

Number of households: 295 sets

Number of layers: 32

Height: 4.5m

Size: 80-418 m2

Standard layer area of approximately 1461-1654 m2

Number of single-storey households 11: 3 floors; 6 households: 27-30;

Number of elevators: 1 3; Low Zone 6, High Zone 4, Anti-Ladder 1, Basement Conversion Elevator 2

Lobby height: 12m

Building height: 149m

Property management fee: 12 yuan / m2 month (excluding air conditioning fee)

UCC8 Core Values, Ding Ding CBD Cluster Business Body

1. Regional planning: headquarters cluster, upgrade of a city CBD

1. Dongcheng headquarters cluster, with Shenzhen Houhai, Guangzhou City Huambo headquarters cluster, into the guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Big Bay Area, the third headquarters cluster, with strong allure, interaction with each other, to show the development trend of the planning area from the exhibition center to the south, to the administrative department, economic and trade, cultural and artistic and independent innovation definition, so that Dongguan City CBD reconstruction of key areas.

2. Proud key: gather the same city first-line source, enjoy hundreds of billions of dollars CBD facilities

UCC is located in Dongguan City Road, a street across the view of the welcome park, zoo and so on, the central square, the municipal people's government, stadium, The Kandi Hotel restaurant, etc. , a kilometer of line of sight, to see the 100 billion yuan CBD supporting facilities, the international reserves, quick people one step to occupy Dongguan City CBD political and economic development, financial industry, commercial services, culture and art of the first line of source.

3. Subway cover: subway station R2 line through, seamless stitching and connecting the world

Urban underground space and subway station R2 line clam station seamless connection, 1 station Daping public opinion to take the Wanhui City Rail, 5 station Dahumen high-speed rail station to the Guangshen high-speed railway, about 17 minutes to Guangzhou South or Shenzhen North Station, about 30 minutes through the Futian District of Shenzhen, complete 30 minutes Guangfu Wan tong city network. Instant lying through The Canton, Shenzhen, next to the city terminal, high efficiency docking the world, Shuntong use value and high-efficiency equity premium is unparalleled.

4. Integrated circuit technology: 9 long-air commercial buildings, CBD

UCC has nine over 100 meters of high-rise building ecosystem of engineering building shape, the highest building up to about 250 meters, the grand spectacle of the key role model of the CBD. In addition, the new project has 75 square meters of super-large momentum scale, with commercial complex diversified business circleand and commercial business complex cluster utility, the accumulation of vertical CBD fusion energy, cbding.

5. Leading overall planning: green ecology and technical integration, LEED platinum pre-validation

With the core concept of "forest city, wind hill" of plastic arts, to create a green ecological tree-shaped structure facade and the city's rare downward-shifting scene city square, showing the outside world, road surface, roof 3 heavy green landscape, about 20,000 m2 ecological landscape and 7 landscape sculpture, with ecological resources working environment, improve the value of the workers happy index, increase the value of high efficiency, create a new upgrade of the organic chemistry international business room, the first city of green art.

6. Commercial services supporting facilities: about 50,000 international flagship business services, Runze CBD high-end international business food and clothing

To "fashion trend scene commercial street plus centralized business services" way to create the CBD in the future the most lively, most promising business circle. The new project is rich and complete business district overall planning and plastic arts quality urban street view design program, not only for the CBD work and residential groups to build a comfortable and convenient and efficient shopping natural environment, but also produced a sense of pleasant and spiritual consideration of the extraordinary fashion trend feeling.

7. Ding-level property management: The whole management method of The World's Bon-Wei-Lis, reverence for service projects, service guarantee continuous development trend

Courtesy has more than 200 years of history of the world's top property management services enterprises - CBRE, for new projects to show the full property management services, so that customers enjoy the service of reverence to the same, go all out to protect your management center property.

8. Big City payment: UCC headquarters cluster, enterprise portal selection, inspired CBD in the future 2017 - this year continued for three years to defend the CBD Dongguan office sales champion, with the overall strength of the quality of customers unanimously recognized;

Core Value Point of Building 8

Avenue value: headquarters base in the last first-line Dongguan office building for sale, Dongguan Avenue comparable to Shenzhen Deep Blue Avenue, Dongguan development of the city spindle, the closer to the price

The higher the value.

Top-row assets: headquarters base assets in the first row, is also the CBD's most front-row assets, really belong to the city of Dongguan business cover, is a status symbol;

Top office: in addition to the project office building general high-end configuration, Building 8 is currently the only 4.5 meters high Dongguan office building;

Wide-view landscape: Dongguan Avenue first-line landscape view, near to see the most prosperous Dongguan CBD scene, far from The Huangqi Mountain, Lake Shuiyu and other open landscape resources;

Dongguan CBD: Dongguan CBD to open the moment of high-gloss, regional favorable frequency, urban renewal to speed up the capital fusion, giants to seize the location, the goal and visible future;

Headquarters cluster: the city has been cashed in, overseas Chinese city, express elevator, Ping An insurance, Central Plains real estate, Tsukuba Road Bridge Engineering Company and other famous enterprises have been stationed, investment prospects can be seen;

Subway pass-through: Building 8 seamlessly connect to the R2 line clam station, negative one-story direct subway entrance, matching efficient business life;

Platinum Glory: Quality building, double-layer hollow LOW-E glass curtain wall, LEED platinum pre-certification;

Advanced configuration: double lobby design, height of about 12 meters, 13 elevator configuration, straight ladders all using intelligent high-speed KONE elevator, super 3700 parking space to look ahead to the future of the city;

Wide view: Dongguan Avenue First Avenue View, looking at Sushuishan Park / Sushui Lake



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