Nantong Port Gate Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

Nantong Port Gate Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

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Region: Iron Mountain Area, Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province
Handover company: Ming enterprise preferred
Mainly responsible for the region: Dongguan plant sales, Dongguan plant rental, Dongguan office rental, etc. ...

        First, the location is superior

Nantong Port Gate Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province was established in 1993, with a jurisdiction area of 40 square kilometers, is one of the 15 parks developed along the river in Jiangsu Province, the Port Gate Development Zone is located in Nantong main urban area, located in the Yangtze River Economic Circle, with Shanghai, Suzhou straight line distance is about 100 kilometers, has formed an hour-long economic circle in Shanghai Andoutong, roads, railways, ports, airport facilities, 2020 Shanghai-To-Yang River Bridge completed after the completion of the 38-minute high-speed rail can be completed.

        Industrial clusters

The development zone focuses on the development of "intelligent equipment, electronic information, cultural tourism" three major industries. After more than 20 years of development, the development zone has introduced a total of 263 foreign-invested enterprises, the existing scale of industrial enterprises 150, has introduced Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the United States Dow Chemical, The French Auchan Group, Singapore Wand Eyre Electronics, Taiwan Central, Hong Kong Central, Singapore Keppel Heavy Industries, South Korea Topmays, the Netherlands Heitmast and a large number of high-quality foreign-funded enterprises settled.

Through years of efforts, has gradually formed a Singapore Keppel Haigong engineering equipment, Jiangsu Zhengtian ship equipment, Sichuan Island intelligent industrial washing equipment, CIMC intelligent logistics storage equipment, Guosheng high-end CNC machine tools, through the machine shares intelligent packaging machinery, gold arrow waterless offset printing equipment, Topmays environmental protection equipment as the representative of the intelligent equipment industry cluster.

The electronic information industry has now formed the intelligent driving industry represented by Hengrun Technology, Yikangtek, Graubo Technology, the integrated circuit industry represented by Yueya Semiconductor, Yantai Technology, Xinze Technology, Lexin Technology, and the 5G communication industry represented by Wei microelectronics and Cambridge Technology, the Internet of Things industry represented by Kaimujin, The Sense Technology, and the big data industry represented by Qinhuai Data, Ground Access Intelligent Cloud Services.

In terms of cultural tourism, AAA attractions such as Nantong City Green Valley, Nantong 1895 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, Nantong Adventure Kingdom, Nantong Forest Safari Park are popular with citizens and foreign tourists.

        Third, supporting the perfect

Hong Kong Gate Development Zone industrial city integration and development, the jurisdiction focused on the creation of the five-water business circle, has been upgraded to Nantong City Deputy Center, the current business circle has gathered Wanda Plaza, IKEA home, Seg Times Square, Auchan Commercial Center, Di cannon sports chain, Nanjing 1912 cultural district, Wal-Mart Sam member shop and other well-known brand business projects.

Development Zone has Tian'an Digital City, Fintech City, Zhigu, SJ Tonggang Industrial Park and a series of high-quality park carrier, according to the different needs of customers, accurate matching of business space, for enterprises to enter the production and entrepreneurial development to provide favorable conditions.

Nantong's basic education and all kinds of vocational education at all levels in the province and even the country in a leading position, for the investment and development of enterprises in Nantong to provide comprehensive management and application-oriented talent. Nantong Institute of Technology in the development zone, each year for the region's enterprise order-type training of 2500 professionals. In addition, "ten meters to see the green, 100 meters see water, kilometers to see the park" livable environment, is attracting more and more high-end projects, high-end talent and high-value enterprises continue to settle.

        Policy pragmatic

The cadre team adheres to the service concept of "commitment to certain, uncommitted" service. In line with the development of the development zone industry, to achieve a certain scale of investment, in accordance with the "one-on-one discussion, one-enterprise-one-policy" principle, you can obtain the corresponding support policies.

1, talent policy: Nantong City, "Jianghai talent", Hong Kong Gate District, "City North Talent" and so on, to meet the declaration conditions to give support funds, housing subsidies, entrepreneurial sites and other support policies.

2, science and technology policy: to science and technology research and development enterprises to give subsidies for research and development costs, encourage the establishment of their own research and development centers, high-priced high-tech enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies.

3, manufacturing policy: for the investment quota requirements, taxable sales requirements of enterprises, to give funds, equipment investment and other support.

4, service industry policy: for qualified enterprises, to give financial incentives, industrial development fund support.

5, cultural industry policy: to meet the requirements of cultural enterprises, to give financial incentives, fixed asset investment subsidies, loan discount subsidies.

In addition, the development zone has set up an industrial investment fund with a total size of RMB 2.5 billion, mainly for high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry, to provide adequate financial support and protection for settlement projects.

        Fifth, 2020 key investment direction

(1) Heavy manufacturing projects: requires the construction of a one-time construction area of 50,000 square meters of high-end manufacturing projects. (Total investment of 500 million yuan to 1 billion yuan, the average investment intensity of mu is not less than 3.5 million yuan, the average tax per mu is not less than 300,000 yuan)

(2) Emerging productive service industry projects: including information technology services, science and technology services, e-commerce, energy conservation and environmental protection services, supply chain management, financial services, digital culture, etc., the number of social security contributions required by 2020 reached 300. (Providing a package of resident and financial support policies)

(3) Foreign-funded projects: register 10 million U.S. dollars (including capital increase) and account for more than 20% of the industrial projects (except real estate), or register foreign-funded productive service projects of more than 2 million U.S. dollars.

(4) Taxable items: new taxable sales of not less than 100 million yuan in the new year and tax not less than 3 million yuan of enterprises, or new taxable sales within a new year not less than 50 million yuan and tax not less than 1.5 million yuan of enterprises.

(5) Scientific research projects: registered in Nantong in 2020, with key core technology, and social investment institutions (private equity investment, industrial investment) investment funds into the stock, a one-time investment must be more than 2 million yuan (inclusive).

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