Advantages of Dongguan's Investment Policy
- 2020-04-29-

At present, with the country vigorously promoting a new generation of information technology industry so far, a new generation of information technology industry also shows a cluster-type development trend of the scenery. In addition, a large number of real estate companies are active in the transformation and development, in order to create into high-tech, especially in the development strategy of the development of prosperous industrial development trends of the industrial park - industrial park. And Dongguan City Industrial Park Investment Cooperation on behalf of the Industrial Park - Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park is the initial Zhongtian Wancheng Industrial Park Project Investment Development Trends Company (hereinafter referred to as "Industry In the Sky") concentrated to create the Dongguan Merchants Cooperation Industrial Park.

As the initial development and design of Dongguan investment policy cooperation, Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park at the beginning, on the grasp of many high-tech companies, especially the development strategy of the prosperity of the company from the start-up, development period, growth period, to accelerate the period, to the sale period and other different links encountered a series of troubled problems to deal with, and for this overall goal and proactive forward. According to statistics, for most of the new technology independent innovation companies, in the start-up period will encounter a series of asset problems and technical specific guidance problems. And many companies are even because of lack of funds, and can not enter the industrial park or because of asset reasons caused by the new project stow by the progress. Many more companies, even if they have abundant assets, have failed to end up with technical difficulties in the course of their development. Thus, most industrial parks in the early stage of the establishment has been in this level of proactive exploration and practice.

In the Shanghai Industrial Park investment cooperation, especially in Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park as a typical representative. Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park is the only financial industry theme-style industrial park in Dongguan Industrial Park. At the development strategy level, the key to financial information service support point industry independent innovation, with investment financing integrated service platform as the help of the introduction of financial institutions, securities, venture capital and other financial enterprises, in order to create a diversified multi-channel financial information service management system, to create the south China leading industrial park investment cooperation innovation ecological chain.

In fact, at the level of investment financing, Dongguan Merchants Cooperation Industrial Park - Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park has adopted a variety of channels to carry out service projects. In this, in the service project approach, the key is dominated by thematic activities and inquiries. For example, the holding of "asset dating activities" series of activities, in the company's new three-board listing, IPO offering level to carry out guidance and inquiry, the introduction of Dongguan Securities, Hongshang asset technology professional organizations and other investment financing organizations to carry out service consulting, service projects industry is relatively broad. In the way of service projects, Songshan Lake Industrial Park is based on the stock funds, financial institutions and investment and financing platformto achieve long-term stable cooperative relations for the development of development strategy to develop prosperous industries to carry out service projects. For example, the current Songshan Lake Venture Capital Growth Fund, Songding Stock Fund, "Kingben Street" investment and financing platform, Everbright Bank, China Merchants, etc.;

To this end, as zhongtian Dongguan Industrial Park investment cooperation on behalf of the industrial park, Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park has produced a service project to cover the life cycle of the company's project, all-round multi-directional care company into a development strategy of prosperity industry concentration. At present, china Merchants Cooperation Industrial Park has gathered companies including United Finance, Dongyuan Natural Environment, Huawei Mobile Smart Logistics, Wedi Equity, Chengming Chemical Plant, Zhiyi new materials, Tengzheng high-tech within the enterprise incubator more than 300. Among them, the new three board listed companies 3, 14 high-tech companies, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the first batch of "collaborative growth" companies 2.

In the future, under the continuous strength of the "Financial Industry Plus" service project, Dongguan Merchants Cooperation Industrial Park - Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park will also import 50-plus-wan-deep high-quality venture capital institutions, 20 plus "finance, financial accounting" professional services organizations, 10 plus business process industry training schools, and its 50-plus high-tech enterprise headquarters base, to produce radiation sources, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Large Bay area of the entrepreneurial investment ecological chain, to promote the rapid development of China's real economy.

Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park, as Dongguan Industrial Park investment cooperation representative industrial park, with its own unique advantages, coupled with a proactive industry development trend transformation, moderate rectification and transformation of development, integration into industry requirements, only to promote Dongguan Industrial Park investment cooperation work to keep up with the pace of new national policy changes, really to the industrial park into the prosperity of industrial group support, to maintain regional economic development, high-tech and physical and mental health continued to grow.

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