Xiegang Guiguiyuan Innovation Center

Xiegang Guiguiyuan Innovation Center

Product Details

 Product description angle

1, project name: Guiguiyuan Intellectual Innovation Center

2, region: Dongguan Xiegang

3, delivery time: current room

4, decoration degree: rough

5, area: 1350-3300 square

6, price: 5500 yuan / square (with independent property rights)

7, management fee: 1.8 yuan / square (plant), 2 yuan / square (supporting dormitory)

Xiegang Guiguiyuan Intellectual Innovation Center is the last industrial transformation and upgrading base approved by the Dongguan Municipal Government, but also the Dongguan Plant Industrial Park built by the Guiyuan, the overall positioning of the project is a production base of science and technology enterprises, advanced manufacturing cluster area.



Xiegang Guiguiyuan Innovation Center

Don't name

Biguiyuan Innovation Center





Ring position

Southeast Deep Zone

Real estate address

The Creative Innovation Center of The Garden of The Garden of The Garden


Dongguan Xiegang Guigui Yuan Production City Development Co., Ltd.


264152.55 m2

Floor space

102563.31 m2

Greening rate


Volume ratio


Property fees

1.8 yuan/m2/month

Parking space

552 (88 underground, 464 above ground)

Introduction to the project

The project is the last industrial transformation and upgrading base approved by the Dongguan municipal government, but also the Dongguan plant industrial park built by the Guiyuan, the overall positioning of the project is the production base of science and technology enterprises, advanced manufacturing gathering area.

Covers an area of 153 acres, construction area of 260,000 m2, volume ratio is 2.5, planning 15 buildings (9 manufacturing plants, 3 research and development pilot plant, 2 talent apartments, 1 industrial service center), the park is surrounded by entrances and exits, the main Sub-clear, internal circulation traffic, people and goods diversion, the spacing between the building and the building is 32 meters, back-to-back spacing is 23 meters, the main road is 9 meters wide, the secondary main road is 7.5 meters wide, each plant set a 18-meter independent turning radius.


Rail transit

HuiShen City Rail: (planned, is expected to start construction in 2022) and Wanhui City Rail intersectin in Xiegang, 1 station to Longgang, 6 stations to the qianhai;

Wanhui intercity light rail: (east to Huizhou small Jinkou, west to Dongguan South City) through Xiegang, the project departure 2 km to Changmu East Station;

Yushen high-speed railway Zhongxuan station: 20 kilometers away from the project, is expected to open in 2021, 2 stations to Shenzhen North;

Guangmeiyan Railway through the whole territory of Xiegang, connecting Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Meizhou, Shantou City;

10 km from The Beijing-Kowloon Railway Dongguan East Station, north to Beijing, south to Kowloon, Hong Kong;

50 km from The International Class of Shilong in Dongguan, Central Europe;


Two horizontals and two verticals, #字形环绕园区

The east side of the deep high-speed, connected wu-deep high-speed, through Wuhan, Shenzhen;

The south side tide wan high-speed, fast on the high-speed;

The west side from the wan high-speed, through the three cities of GuangshenWan;

North side Of Panwan high-speed, short time to Songshan Lake, connecting the Nansha Bridge;


55 km from Shenzhen Airport;

100 km from Hong Kong Airport;

100 km from Guangzhou Airport;


Yantian International Terminal, Shekou Merchants International Terminal, Chiwan Pier, Humen Pier, Nansha Pier, Huangpu Terminal and other ports within the convenient service range, the route covers the world;

Surrounding gathering 20 plus logistics freight companies: Debang Logistics, Zhongwan Logistics, Longxing Logistics, Tiandi Huayu, Aneng Logistics, Three Friends Transport

Peripheral support

Residential: all the way to the government public rental housing, planning 8 buildings, delivered in 2021, can accommodate the resident population of about 1580 households, about 3,500 people;

Education: 1.2 km away from the project Caole Primary School new degrees 1620, the surrounding also planned primary and secondary schools, are provincial standards;

Medical: about 6 km away from Xiegang Hospital, Grade III A hospital, the first phase has been opened in January 2017, the second phase has started construction;

Leisure: 800 meters Yinshan Wetland Park, the first peak silver bottle mouth, the Millennium Village Li Village, the National AAAA scenic area Guanyinshan Forest Park;

Internal kit

Residential: Park 6, 11, planning for staff dormitories, each 15 floors, each floor of 32 households, each building equipped with 5 elevators, household type for employees, senior management at different levels of design, two can meet the housing needs of 6000 people;

Restaurant: Park 10 , the second floor planning for the staff restaurant, an area of 2800m2, equipped with park canteen, special dining, late-night canteen, while can accommodate about 3300 people to eat;

Commercial: Park 6, 11 , staff quarters of the first floor planning area of about 2000m2 along the street shops, with independent entrances and exits, at the same time equipped with a basketball court and other leisure and entertainment venues;

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