ChiGu, Subu Songlake

ChiGu, Subu Songlake

Product Details

1, project name: Songhu Zhigu

2, area: step

3, delivery time: office (current room), plant (pre-sale room optional)

4, decoration degree: rough, simple (optional)

5, area: office 97-1200 flat, plant 1000-3500 square

6, rental price: office (blank 35- 40 yuan / square light: 40-50 yuan / square) plant (rent 28-30 yuan / flat, blank)

7, the price: office (11000-12000), plant (8000-9000)

8, management fee: office (5 yuan / squared) plant (3 yuan / square)

1500 mu mu city people fusion, Bay Area ecological wisdom to build a new city

Songhu Zhigu Industrial Park in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a key demonstration area of The High-tech Industrial Park in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, located in the National High-tech Industrial Economic Development Zone-Matsuyama Lake PlantKey development trends. In 2017, the new project was assessed as "The Industrial Transformation and Development Industry Base of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province" and "Provincial Key Projects" and was elected as the key link point of the independent innovation crossing in the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Industrial Park capital construction master overall planning total area of 1500 mu, a total investment of about 15.9 billion yuan, will lead to 1.8 million m2 production city people combined with the green ecological intelligent manufacturing new city. Park precision positioning to intelligent manufacturing manufacturing and electronic information technology as a key industry, closely around the key industries and industrial ecosystem, at this stage actively introduce comprehensive industrial facilities, complete the "technology transfer fair" industry chain and "production city history and humanities brigade" integration and development, build "production and manufacturing, product research and development, research and development, small test, inspection, marketing promotion, display, office" and other industrial chain role.

According to the construction plan, Songhu Zhigu first phase of development and design total area of 245 acres, construction area of 700,000 m2, the current stage of the Total construction area of Area A 195,000 m2 to complete the delivery, Area B total construction area of 260,000 m2 in December will be all built, estimated this year delivery, C, D, E, F area is in the infrastructure. With the help of the resource advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao And the strong radiation power of Songshan Lake, Songhu Zhigu will actively undertake the outflow of Shenzhen industry and into the Songshan Lake High-tech Park independent innovation source radiation source, the basic construction into a set of high-tech enterprise seincubators, strategic prosperity industry network accelerator, small and medium-sized enterprise headquarters base in one of the new Smart Industry Green Community. The core value of the park is the green ecological combination of "technology transfer fair" of the intelligent manufacturing system industry and closed-loop control of the whole industrial chain and the "production city historical and humanistic brigade". New projects have been incorporated into thousands of innovative and technological enterprises, resulting in precision machinery manufacturing and manufacturing, high-grade electronic information technology, new materials, Internet big data core industries, to complete the development trend of industrial agglomeration.

Location Advantage Transportation: International-class Great Bay Area Spindle Bearing Management Center

The park is located in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the main axis bearing management center site, close to songshan Lake high-tech park, new projects near the speed, fast track, urban track, major city trunk roads and other diversified road network gathering, international business transport ation, staff travel, freight transport is very convenient and fast. Industrial Park is located at the junction of Songshan Lake Road and Stone Avenue, adjacent to Wanhui city rail walking station, spacing Wanwan Deep High Speed Stone Avenue entrance 0.5 km, 10-15 minutes away to reach the city and Songshan Lake, the distance shenzhen Bao'an Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Dongguan Port, high-speed rail are within an hour, enjoy one hour of enterprise gold traffic circle.

Ecological Protection: A New City of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry With Long In the Garden

The park to "green industry, green ecological priority" development strategy, the choice of PPP mode of capital investment of 510 million yuan, in the high-tech industrial park to create a 2 km river landscape wooden walkway ecological landscape, 3 major municipal engineering ecological park (riverside park, municipal engineering ecological park, the original ecological highway slope ecological park), landscaping covers an area of 150,000 m2. 6 vertical 7 horizontal park road Internet, industrial park can enjoy the modern city of ecological environmental protection leisure and entertainment. The winding cycling city greenway in the industrial park is matched by the green lungs of big cities such as Matsuyama Lake Scenic Area, Tongsha Reservoir Wetland Park, Fuling Lake Wetland Park, Xiangcheng Safari Park, and Songhu Zhigu is known as "a new city of intelligent manufacturing industry that grows in the garden".

Product planning: ingenious luck to create industrial production on the stairs

Songhu Zhigu focus on the industry, enterprise development trends, precisely positioned as "the production and manufacturing of the new intelligent manufacturing industry base", independent innovation design products, intelligent manufacturing system, product research and development design program as the core industry, to Yi Yi fair, industrial supporting facilities service project assistance, to build enterprise manufacturing, product research and development, small test, supporting facilities, trade fairs, offices and other whole ecological circle. Commodity key includes industrial production business building, industrial business building, high-rise residential enterprise head office business building, supporting facilities a small amount of talent apartments and industrial facilities, in which the development and design of 70% of the property management for industrial business building, intelligent manufacturing system industrial land as the core, the key way is to complete the intelligent manufacturing system "industrial production stairs." New project son as an industrial transformation and development industry base in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, enjoy 50 years of separate red-book property rights division market sales, so that enterprises to complete the production of production of enterprises have their own property management property rights years, real to the enterprise a home, to complete the integration and development of the city.

Matsuyama Lake Plant Production Business Building

Complete the innovative product design program, effectively solve the building height, load, vibration reduction, lifting, freight logistics and other difficult problems, promote the "industrial production on the stairs" way, all-round consideration of the post-industrial era intelligent industrial plant requirements. The main parameters of key engineering buildings are as follows: one to three floor-by-floor height of 7 meters, standard building height of 4.5 meters, load 750-1005 kg/m2 (first floor 1005kg/m2, upstairs household 750kg/m2), column interval 8.4 x 8.4 meters, each equipped with passenger elevator, cargo elevator a total of 5, full glass curtain wall design program, and set up a lifting service platform, unloading platform, large and medium-sized goods transfer station service platform, freight logistics transfer station warehouse, etc., consider intelligent manufacturing system enterprises "industrial production up the stairs."

Industrial Business Building

Choose the modern overhead plant wall, all-glass curtain wall indoor space design, to show enterprises product research and development, research and development, small test, inspection, marketing promotion, display, office and other diverse indoor space, considering the enterprise "front shop after factory" and other human requirements, and industrial production commercial building to produce a green ecological industrial chain. Standard building height 4.5 meters, high space utilization rate, both choose two layers of hollow LOW-E mezzanine glass, soundproof noise-cancelling insulation insulation, reduce the cost of entering the enterprise office, each building equipped with 6 high-speed elevators, complete work is not crowded.

District B high-rise residential enterprise head office business building: the total height of the construction of 150 meters, is a full-green ecological enterprise head office business building, considering the requirements of corporate headquarters. The most important service items in the intelligent manufacturing system industry of high-tech, financial industry, product research and development, design, Yi yi and other production and operation of the service industry head office enterprises, set product research and development design program, trade fair feeling, Yi Yi market sales, financial information services in one, focusing on the establishment of the whole ecological circle of data sharing platform, into the park's new production of the main diesel engine, to promote the rapid development trend of the industry. The construction of a total of 34 floors, the specification building height of 4.2 meters, equipped with 10 high-speed elevators, two layers of hollow LOW-E laminated glass, is expected to be announced this year for delivery.

Industry Precision Positioning: Your Upper, Middle and Lower Are in your Neighbor's Building

As of September this year, the new project with the help of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Big Bay Area and Songshan Lake High-tech Park's strong industrial agglomeration utility, has already announced the signing of 120 enterprises, 70% of enterprises for high-grade electronic information technology and precision machinery manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing industry chain, 70% of enterprises from Shenzhen outflow. In China's high-tech enterprises 49, leading enterprises more than 20, urban "growth plan" enterprises 7, several are Huawei mobile phones, VIVO, Xiaomi mobile phones, Foxconn and other well-known brand enterprises dealers.

Industrial production upstairs

At this stage, Songhu Zhigu has long been cultivated out of the electronic information technology whole ecological circle, including abrasive design and development, injection molding production, chip production, PCB patch production and manufacturing, PCB board semi-finished product seismography inspection, electronic devices, such as assembly. Also produced intelligent robot industry chain, including the key components of intelligent robot, intelligent robot itself production and manufacturing, intelligent robot driving motor, robot vision automatic control system, lithium battery production machine equipment, intelligent robot integration and other important links. New projects have produced precision machinery manufacturing and manufacturing, high-grade electronic information technology, new materials, Internet big data core industries, and Songshan Lake gathered in the scientific and technological leading enterprises to complete the industrial chain linkage development trend, including Huawei mobile phones, Daji, easy jet, cool pie, CLP, Shengyi Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud data center and other leading enterprises, the production of international-class integrated circuit technology technology cluster, complete "your upper and lower buildings in the next neighborhood of the industry.

Operations Management: 8-N Operations Management

Songhu Zhigu to create a one-stop service management center and technical professional operation team, for the park enterprises to show 8 and N operation management, including not limited to the current policy services, human resources management services, brand culture construction services, Hawkeye services, industrial services, science and technology services, the General Administration of Taxation financial information services, customized services, technology incubators, etc., to gather a variety of sources and factors for enterprise growth and development, one-stop for enterprise projects to show the life cycle of accurate services. In order to complete the enterprise's industry-wide service projects, the park's intelligent O2O integrated service platform according to Internet technology, Internet big data, cloud computing technology, Internet of Things, carried out several generations of continuous iterative update product development and infrastructure, to create the park service project chain, industrial chain, resource chain integration, for the park's science and technology services green ecological environment to create a stronger sales market atmosphere, build a full-scale enterprise growth cycle green ecological management system, to create a new intelligent industry community with a temperature.

Park facilities: to create a whole ecological circle industrial community

Songhu Zhigu to the industrial green ecological new city as the core value, closely around the park enterprises and staff requirements, has already set up 5000m2 network red people smart restaurant, supporting facilities commercial pedestrian street, shared resources conference hall, one-stop service management center, government government service center, municipal engineering bus station, park barge bus, wetland park, science and technology incubator, commodity exhibition center and other sound supporting facilities, and apply for the construction of the talent apartment, the allocation of a completely free bus shuttle bus, Processing enterprise site talents, food and clothing, food and clothing supporting facilities.

In addition, the new project B area will be introduced, basic construction of food and clothing shopping malls supermarkets, cinemas, fitness clubs, business hotels, talent apartments and other sound supporting facilities, for the park enterprises to show office production and manufacturing, entrepreneurial services, entertainment and leisure, consumption level, staff settlement and other integrated supporting facilities. Excellent operation of the natural environment and living environment, one-stop sound industrial facilities, the park is no longer a cold concrete structure factory workshop, but the enterprise operation and workers work in the warm home, the real completion of the combination of the city people of the green ecological new city, to create a new city into the Great Bay Area of the smart new city, industrial new city, green ecological new city, historical humanity new city.


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