Matsuyama Lake Tian'an Yun Gu

Matsuyama Lake Tian'an Yun Gu

Product Details

1, project name: Matsuyama Lake Tian'an Yungu

2, region: Dongguan Songshan North Lake CBD

3, delivery time: current room

4, decoration degree: rough, hardcover (optional)

5, area segment: 100-2500 square

6, rental price: rough 45-50 yuan / square hardcover 53-55 yuan / square

7, management fee: 6.5 yuan / square water fee: 4.53 yuan / ton electricity bill: 0.68 yuan / degree , public stall


Dongguan City Cool Pai Tian'an Project Investment Development Trends Company (commonly known as "Cool Pai Tian'an") is established by The Yulong Communications High-tech Company (known as "Dongguan Yulong") and Shenzhen Tian'an Junye Project Investment Development Trends Company (known as "Tian'an Junye") joint venture. In Dongguan Yulong Department of Coolpie Group Company (Hong Kong GEM listed enterprises, stock number 2369) branch. Tian'an Junye is a background map of Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai Financial Group, Synergy Group Corporation Tian'an (Singapore listing: 00028. HK) for the key company shareholders, the key to participate in the city upgrading and upgrading and modern urban prosperity industrial complex development, one of its symbolic new projects for Shenzhen Tian'an Yungu, the new project is the Shenzhen 12th Five-Year Representative project construction, but also industrial structure upgrading, urban upgrading, special economic zone integration demonstration new projects.

Cool pai Tian'an will be the project investment in the development of Dongguan City, "Dongguan office building Tian'an Yungu" new project as the starting point, and actively carry out urban upgrading, modern urban prosperity industrial complex development and management and industrial investment services projects, to serve the talent, promote socio-economic development to the people-oriented, with a view to becoming the leading urban industrial complex development, management, service providers.

Cool pai Tian'an strive sought to create wealth for social development, for government departments to create an industrial chain service platform, aggregate soil resources, enhance tax and student employment, promote industrial agglomeration and promotion, improve the comprehensive use of the region value; Maintain the company's physical and mental health, sustainability trends.


    Cloud Valley Advantage

Close to Huawei Mobile China's China Industrial Base. Huawei mobile phones are in a period of rapid growth, along with its industrial migration in Wando, will further promote the planning area of the industry and talent gathering trend.

With intelligent technology as the core, covering the whole industrial chain of intelligent technology, the most important thing is to introduce artificial intelligence technology, augmented reality technology, smart machine, smart wearable device, cloud computing technology, Internet of Things technology, and its intelligent robots and other intelligent industries.

Dongguan Metro Line 1 and the future Shenzhen Line 13 will also be in the new project under the ground through, the new project pitch subway station Songshan Lake East Station only 1.9 km, from the overall planning of the city of Dongguan City, Songshan Lake CBD route is more concentrated

Songshan Lake is a national high-tech industrial economic development zone and national science and technology innovation demonstration park two national development strategy accumulation area. It is a key core area of economic development and independent innovation in guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and has the advantages of resource advantage.

  Vision planning

To undertake Shenzhen industrial spillage to become Dongguan Industrial Park rent upgrade bridgehead

Create a new smart park and a city-based fusion community

Become a creative cultural community that allows enterprises and talents in the park to freely communicate, collaborate, innovate and share


    Five-star office environment

Five-star office environment, 1200 square meters multi-functional hall, 3000 square meters exhibition hall, 10,000 square, based on the park to serve Songshan Lake, to fill the area of large-scale meetings, exhibition, event configuration blank.

    Matsuyama Lake Office Tian'an Yungu Square

The first floor is 6 meters overhead, two-story corridor, for the later to reserve a huge commercial value space, to create a seamless underground, above-ground connection, the formation of work, leisure, ecological integration.

    Matsuyama Lake Tian'an Yungu Platform

30,000 flat station, will be business, v catering, leisure, entertainment, corporate activities, social and other activities combined in series, forming a dynamic cloud belt, contact the surrounding, create a place to become a green service cloud platform.

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