Matsuyama Lake Guangda WE Valley

Matsuyama Lake Guangda WE Valley

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Guangdong Guangda Enterprise Group was founded inIn 1983, headquartered in Dongguan, a key city in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, after more than 30 years of active exploration and practice, gradually formed high-tech, urban operation of the two major industrial systems, diversified development of enterprise groups.


EverbrightWe Valley Industrial Park - Guangdong Guangenterprise Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. layout of multiple industries, improve the comprehensive urban services and strive to build a comprehensive industrial park, Guangshen science and technology innovation corridor in Dongguan section of 85 municipal innovation projects. Located in Songshan Lake modern service industry ecological industry belt core location, Newtown Avenue, Songshan Lake Avenue, Buddha Wanhui City Rail, Dongguan Metro R3 line, Dongguan Metro Line 5 intersection. The park covers an area of 82,000 m2, with a total construction area of 400,000 m2.


Guangdong Guangenterprise Group Co. , Ltd. heavy investment, deep development, extreme operation. The total investment of the entire project exceeds1.6 billion yuan, the future will introduce more than 800 science and technology enterprises, more than 12,000 scientific and technological personnel, the introduction and cultivation of national and provincial certification of high-tech enterprises more than 80, 30 listed enterprises. The annual output value reaches 6 billion yuan and the tax revenue is 600 million yuan.


The park is deeply engaged in electronic information, digital economy, artificial intelligence, new materialsNew energy, 5G and other industries. Since its opening on June 15, 2016, it has successfully introduced more than 400 high-quality enterprises, including China Soft International, Softcom Power, Yibao Software, Hua micro software, Defeng Electric, Looking for Alarge, Asdi New Materials, Fenggu Technology and so on. At the same time, the introduction of UL-Songshan Lake Internet of Things testing laboratory and other advanced projects, to build The Songshan Lake Talent Building, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Dongguan City Virtual Reality Industry Base and other platforms, initially formed an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, has become a relatively active innovation and entrepreneurship hot land.


Pioneering"Innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital" as the core of the incubation and operation model, the results are remarkable. Up to now, has been evaluated as "National Small Microenterprise Entrepreneurship Innovation Demonstration Base" "National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park" "National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Incubator Cultivation Unit" "Guangdong Province Big Data Entrepreneurship Innovation Incubator" "Dongguan City Digital Industry Cluster Pilot Park" "Dongguan City Entrepreneurship Incubation Base" "Songshan Lake Cultural and Creative Industrial Park" and other titles.


From creativity to listing, the whole industry chain incubation platform. The campus is"Finance and Internet and industrial chain" three core driving industry gathering and development, through the construction of carriers, platform, lead, create an environment, integration of industrial resources to build a sound one-stop all-industry chain service platform - light enterprise cloud one-stop service center, to build Dongguan demonstration industrial park, to help enterprises transform and upgrade, enhance the overall strength and competitiveness. With Matsuyama Lake City Will Living Room, Integrated Service Center, Industrial Achievement Exhibition Center, Matsuyama Lake Convention Center, Point Stack Roadshow Center, Point Stack Entrepreneurial Workshop, Point Stack Coffee, Incubator and other ten functional supporting space. At the same time to provide Internet marketing, human resources, investment and financing, business meetings, policy consulting, business growth support, property services seven service systems.


Everbright industry continues to lay out, to the world. Co-construction with the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Guangdong Equity Trading Center"China Qingcheng Board" operating services company, and through its own 200 million yuan Guangda venture capital fund and a number of cooperative fund system, has invested in nearly 20 high-quality projects. Its point stack workshop for the national layout, Dongguan (Beijing) collaborative innovation center has opened in March 2018, will continue to be in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and more than a dozen cities layout. At the same time, will be in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan and other developed countries to build a global resource network to promote China's industrial upgrading.

·National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park• 国家级科技企业孵化器培育单位 • 广东省小型微型企业创业创新示范基地 • 广东省大数据创业创新孵化园

·Guangdong Province, the public space pilot unitDongguan City Technology Business Incubator , Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing System Service Base , Dongguan Virtual Reality Industry Base , Guangshen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, One of the 85 innovation projects in Dongguan Section

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