Songshan Lake Hongyuan Xinzhihui

Songshan Lake Hongyuan Xinzhihui

Product Details

Project basic data:

1 Project name: Songshan Lake Hongyuan Xinzhihui

2, Region: Dongguan Songshan Lake North CBD

3, delivery time: current room

4, decoration level: 0010010 nbsp; rough, simple (optional), hardcover (optional)

5, area segment: 0010010 nbsp; 5 0-2000 square

6, rental price: 0010010 nbsp; rough 35-45 yuan / square 0010010 nbsp; simple (hardcover) 0010010 nbsp; 45-55 yuan / square

7, management fee: 0010010 nbsp; 6 yuan / square 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; water fee: 6}}. 05 yuan / ton 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; electricity fee: 1. 05 yuan / degree

0010010 nbsp;

Project Overview:

0010010 nbsp;

Songshan Lake Office Hongyuan · Xinzhihui, the intelligent industrial headquarters base, is the first 5 low-carbon smart industrial complex created by Hongyuan Group integrating 30 years of industrial park operation experience.

Project Introduction:

Integrating modern office, research and development, trade, life and leisure, adhering to the core concept of "innovation and creation, intelligent intelligence", bringing together intelligent industry, international technology, talent advantages, regional policies, Hongyuan brand resources, etc. The ecosystem helps enterprises to accelerate the development of enterprise innovation and move towards internationalization in the wave of industrial transformation and upgrading.

0010010 nbsp;

Investment product introduction:

88-2 000㎡ high-quality simple R & D office space is popular in investment promotion, with a floor height of 4 meters and a total building height of {{2}} meters, with hollow coating LOW-E glass curtain wall The 10 meters high entrance lobby, the building is equipped with 6 elevators. Among them, the odd-numbered floors of 3-2 3 have sky garden platforms. Building 3 is divided into a simple floor and a rough floor, and the 2 floor is a floor with simple office space.

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